Real Estate Disruptors !!

Top 10 Companies Disrupting the Real Estate Industry.


OfficeBook calls themselves the “Airbnb for offices.” Both tenants and landlords can submit their information to OfficeBook including the office space features and their personal space needs. Then, the software helps find matches between the desires of renters and the availability of landlords. They currently serve San Francisco and Austin, but are coming to New York soon.

OfferPad Distruptor !

Is Zillow Double Dipping? The online real estate giant’s plain-vanilla purchase of a four-bedroom, three-bathroom home in Chandler, Arizona, for $410,000 is bursting with symbolism for the one-time real estate disrupter, itself now reacting to a new wave of disruption in the real estate industry. The rapid ascent of so-called iBuyers over the past five years has forced Zillow to pivot from a core value its CEO proudly adhered to as recently as three years go.

Purplebricks: A Proven Real Estate Disruptor Rapidly Entering The U.S. Market

The company focuses on customer acquisition – with high quality service, support, ever-expanding technology and high quality digital UI. In just three years, they’ve grown to be third most recognized broker in Britain.

 Roofstock Disrupting Single Family Rentals

In 2009 firms like Blackstone, Starwood Capital Group, Colony Financial and American Homes for Rent each began purchasing tens of thousands of single family homes to hold as rentals — lured by discounted foreclosure properties and plummeting homeownership rates that foreshadowed a strong rental market in the years ahead.